Technology Services 2 - RM3804

The Technology Services 2 framework provides access to suppliers of technology services
How Bramble Hub works
We operate as a thin prime contractor with a diverse network of subcontractors. Our public sector customers get access to hundreds of innovative suppliers. Our suppliers get a contracting route to work they otherwise wouldn't get. We match customers with suppliers and we eliminate the pain of procurement for both sides.

Technology Services 2
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Framework Lots

Bramble Hub can supply on the following Lots on this framework:

Lot 1 - Technology Strategy and Service Design

For developing or enhancing your ICT strategy and service design, this lot provides access to the specialists that are able to help.

Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation

For implementing your ICT strategy or services, site relocation or transition from your current services agreement.

Lot 3 - Operational Services

  • Lot 3a End User Services
  • Lot 3b Operational Management
  • Lot 3c Technical Management
  • Lot 3d Application and Data Management

This framework now includes a Catalogue for direct award of the lot 3 Operational Services

Lot 4 - Programmes and Large Projects

  • Lot 4a Government Official security classification
  • Lot 4b Government Secret and Top Secret classifications

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