We work as a thin prime contractor, enabling best of breed specialist partner suppliers to fulfil public sector projects. We provide the commercial support and advice to help make the procurement process as simple as possible, enabling our partners to concentrate on their specialisms: planning, delivering and supporting customers’ requirements and meeting expectations.

RM3804 Framework Details

Start Date: 06/09/2017

End Date: 05/09/2019

Web page: http://ccs-agreements.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/contracts/rm3804

What is the framework for?

Gov.uk defines the Technology Solutions 2 framework as: “the perfect solution for every public sector customer’s ICT service requirements, including services at all government security classification levels*”

Here's where we can help

Bramble Hub can supply on all the Lots on this framework:

Lot 1: Technology Strategy and Service Design - For developing or enhancing your ICT strategy and service design, this lot provides access to the specialists that are able to help. Everything from business capability assessments through to the specification of the applications and toolsets to deliver your ICT services.

Lot 2: Transition and Transformation - For implementing your ICT strategy or services, site relocation or transition from your current services agreement; this lot provides all of the transition and transformational activities required, including legacy service decommissioning.

Lot 3: Operational Services - This lot is for all of your operation service needs in four distinct service groupings:

3a: End User Services
3b: Operational Management
3c: Technical Management
3d: Application and Data Management

Lot 4: Programmes and Large Projects - If you have a large programme or project, particularly with high financial investment, this is the lot for you. All aspects of the above lots are included in this offering, as well as the ability to deliver programmes and projects at the Secret and Top Secret* government security classification. Split into two sub-lots to meet your specific security requirements:

4a: Government Official security classification
4b: Government Secret and Top Secret classifications

For more information about the Management Consultancy framework please call us on 020 7735 0030 or email us

Framework News

The latest news regarding Technology Services 2 Framework RM3804:

Other Frameworks

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