Bramble Hub at the forefront of Local Government's move towards a 'click and buy' approach to purchasing software and services.

Bramble Hub is a prime supplier on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Local Authority Software Application (LASA) framework RM1059. This framework has a catalogue section, so that prime suppliers can commoditise solutions and services for easy selection, comparison and purchase.

Bramble Hub has now uploaded 270 entries on the LASA catalogue, reflecting Bramble Hub's mission to help smaller ICT companies secure public sector contracts through UK Government frameworks. Our entries feature best-in-class software applications and support services from over 30 partners.

The entries represent a wide range of services and solutions, from Income Management and Cash Receipting software, through a diary management system for Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Library Management software, an Environmental Management system, to a secure Information and Process Sharing platform built specifically for Government, and a front-of-house and back office solution for Health and Leisure centres.

The LASA catalogue is available to all public sector organisations, who log on to the government's eMarketplace portal in order to view and purchase the services and solutions.

Richard Archer, Managing Director of Bramble Hub said: “By using this catalogue, public sector buyers can quickly find and 'click and buy' services and solutions from our SME partners, with complete assurance that they are getting best quality and value. We believe that this will help to break the stranglehold on software provision to local authorities by a few suppliers that OFT reported in March."

Bramble Hub are specialists in helping ICT companies secure public sector contracts through UK Government frameworks. We have a large network of SMEs and niche specialists to meet all ICT requirements.

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“eProcurement represents a significant untapped potential for the EU economy. It can simplify the way procurement is conducted, reduce burdens and costs, 
increase the participation of SMEs and deliver better quality and lower prices." Michel Barnier European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

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