Bramble Hub and White Spruce help UK Hydrographic Office improve their SAP system.

Partner:  White Spruce Limited


The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) collects and supplies hydrographic and geospatial data for the Royal Navy and merchant shipping, to protect lives at sea. Working with other national hydrographic offices, it sets and raises global standards of hydrography, cartography and navigation.

The Requirement

UKHO needed SAP experts to: implement the Print to Order functionality which will allow customers sales orders to be printed immediately to fulfill the customer specific demand; make improvements to the UKHO existing SAP credit management processes;  deliver on-going support and general consultancy for the SAP application at UKHO. 

Our Success

The contract was awarded in August2016 by UKHO to Bramble Hub and its partner White Spruce Limited to provide this service using the direct order mechanism through the Enterprise Application Support Services Framework (RM1032). Implementation commenced in October 2016.