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RM1032 Framework Details

Start date 26-08-2014

Finish date 25-08-2017

(Please note that Enterprise Application Support Services RM1032 has now expired)

Web page: http://ccs-agreements.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/contracts/rm1032

What is the framework for?

Public Sector Bodies have a need for the direct provision of support and maintenance for Enterprise Application Software inclusive of any customisation and independent of normal product life-cycles as defined by the relevant Software Owner (for example to provide continued support beyond a product's stated end of life). Services required will include: break-fix support; advice on available patches; development, testing and implementation of bug fixes/workarounds/patches/updates; monitoring operation to assure application and information availability and integrity; maintaining and sharing a knowledge-base of known issues and solutions; assistance with upgrading, replacing, or otherwise changing the Enterprise Application Software.

Here's where we can help

Bramble Hub supplies multiple lots of the Enterprise Application Support Services framework from Crown Commercial Service.

  • Lot 1 Oracle E Business Suite Enterprise Application Support Services

  • Lot 2 SAP Enterprise Application Support Services

  • Lot 3 Other Specified Enterprise Application Software
    — Fusion
    — Hyperion
    — JD Edwards
    — PeopleSoft
    — Siebel

  • Lot 4 Other Non-Specified Enterprise Application Support Services
    — Alfresco
    — Drupal
    — IBM Cognos
    — IBM Domino Lotus
    — IBM Smart Analytics
    — Infor SunSystems
    — Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    — Microsoft Dynamics GP
    — Microsoft SharePoint
    — Opensource ERP
    — Sage
    — SAP BusinessOne

Support Services can include where applicable:

A. Transitioning Contracting Bodies from existing support arrangements:

  • Identifying any gaps in coverage and appropriately addressing these

  • Readily taking on the support of Enterprise Application Software (EAS)

  • Dealing with handover of open calls

B. Validating and verifying Contracting Bodies' relevant systems including:

  • Interfacing with the Enterprise Application Software

  • understanding the business criticality of the EAS to Contracting Body

C. Integration with services provided by any other parties

D. Provision of a helpdesk facility (Service Desk) to:

  • Receive, acknowledge, log, and respond to calls

  • Track progress towards resolution and escalate appropriately

  • Coordinate support up to 3rd line

E. Incident management and restoration of services following an incident

F. Identify cause of problems and incidents to prevent recurrence

G. Problem and incident analysis and associated reporting

H. Resolution of problems, includes developing workarounds & fixes

I. Assuring patches/fixes/workarounds/updates/releases

J. Release management releases/updated/patches/fixes/workarounds

K. Proactive identification and resolution of future incidents – via remote monitoring, remote diagnosis and remote resolution (where permitted)

L. Advisory services on implementation of patches/fixes/workarounds/updates/releases

M. Development, testing and implementation of updates for compliance

N. Monitoring to assure application and information availability and integrity

O. Maintaining and sharing a knowledge base of known issues, errors and solutions

P. Assistance with upgrading/replacing/changing/decommissioning

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