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Data and Application Solutions (DAS) framework replaces two existing frameworks: Corporate Software Solutions and Local Authority Software Applications (LASA).
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Data and Application Solutions
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The DAS framework is for the delivery and support of technology-led business solutions, providing software, services and any ancillary hardware.

Framework Lots

Bramble Hub can supply on the following Lots on this framework:

Group 1: Enterprise Data and Application Solutions

  • Lot 1b Workflow & Case Management Solutions

    Case Management - CRM - Workflow

  • Lot 1c Data Collection, Storage and Management

    Data Management & Reporting Systems - Data Warehouse - Asset Tracking - Inventory Management - Enterprise Content Management - Enterprise Search

  • Lot 1d Data Intelligence & Analytics

    Big Data - Data Analytics - Business Intelligence - Internet of Things - Robotic Process Automation

Group 2: Local Government Specific Solutions

  • Lot 2a Business Applications

    Revenues and Benefits - Business Rates - Payment Processing & Cash Receipting - E-Marketplaces (materials or services relating to maintenance) - Civil Enforcement

  • Lot 2b Environmental & Planning

    Environmental Health - Planning - Building Control - Local Land Changes - Trading Standards - Licensing - Property or Housing Management - Property or Housing Repairs - Geospatial/GIS - Waste Management

  • Lot 2c Citizen Services

    Library - Democratic and Citizen Engagement - Electoral Management - Committee papers/surveys/social media - Museums systems - Sports & Recreation - Registrar - Burials & Crematoria

Group 3: Health & Social Care Solutions

  • Lot 3a Enterprise Applications for Health and Social Care

    E-Rostering - Electronic Job Planning software/tools - Electronic Appraisal & Revalidation software/tools - Acuity and dependency software/tools - Mobile Apps - Temp staff booking applications - ERP - HR & Payroll

  • Lot 3b Health Information Management

    Electronic Patient Records - Clinical & Digital Information Systems - Document Management - Informatics & Reporting

Group 4: Police & Emergency Service Specific Solutions

  • Lot 4b Bluelight Data & Information Management

    Digital Asset Management - Recording and Audio-visual - Data Analytics (incl Management Info & BI)

Group 5: Education Specific Solutions

  • Lot 5a Learning Applications & Platforms

    Virtual Learning - Distance Learning - Audio & Visual Media Software

  • Lot 5b Academic Scheduling & Management Solutions

    Management Information System - Attendance Monitoring - Student Scheduling - Student Records System - Admissions - Enrolment - Course and Curriculum Management - Student Evaluation Systems - Awarding and Certification - Facilities/Premises Management

Other Information

This framework has both a catalogue direct order option for renewals and enhancements to existing systems and a further competition process option to tender for brand new systems.

Like all CCS frameworks, DAS can be used by all UK public sector organisations and those funded by the public purse, including health, education, housing, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations.

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