Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 - RM1043.6

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework provides agile software development services to support digital transformation
How Bramble Hub works
We operate as a thin prime contractor with a diverse network of subcontractors. Our public sector customers get access to hundreds of innovative suppliers. Our suppliers get a contracting route to work they otherwise wouldn't get. We match customers with suppliers and we eliminate the pain of procurement for both sides.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4
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Framework Lots

Bramble Hub can supply on the following Lots on this framework:

Lot 1 - Digital Outcomes

User experience and design - Performance analysis and data - Security - Service delivery - Software development - Support and operations - Testing and auditing - User research

Lot 2 - Digital Specialists

Agile coach Business analyst - Communications manager - Content designer - Cyber security consultant - Delivery manager - Designer - Developer - Performance analyst - Portfolio manager - Product manager - Programme manager - Quality assurance analyst - Service manager - Technical architect - User researcher - Web operations engineer

Lot 3 - User research studios

For suppliers with the facilities to carry out interviews, usability tests and focus groups. This may involve filming people as they engage with your designs, prototypes or services.

Lot 4 - User research participants

For suppliers of user research. Participants are likely to include people who are digitally excluded, as well as those with low literacy or poor digital skills.

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