RM3815 Framework Details

Lot 1 - Specialist Contact Centre Consultancy Services

Start date 01-06-2017

Finish date 31 -05-2021

Framework Definition

This Framework Agreement has been established to appoint suppliers for the provision of Specialist Contact Centre Consultancy Services (Lot 1) and Contact Centre Services (Lot 2) to Contracting Authorities.

Contact Centres include a broad range of communications channels that the public uses to interface with government services. This includes telephony, email and web-based communications. 

Contact Centre Services RM3815 is a pan-government collaborative framework agreement for use by UK public sector bodies, which include central government departments and their arm's length bodies and agencies, non-departmental public bodies, NHS bodies and local authorities and the wider public sector. The duration of the Contact Centre Services framework agreement is for a period of four (4) years.

What can Bramble Hub bring to this Framework?

Bramble Hub is one of only six suppliers who have been selected for the provision of Specialist Contact Centre Consultancy Services (Lot 1).

Lot 1 — Specialist Contact Centre Consultancy Services:

Working with our specialist partners, Bramble Hub can offer expert specialist advice and assurance including:

  • Contracting Authority's current / new Contact Centre strategies

  • Review, analysis and recommendations for existing / new Contact Centre delivery

  • Customer /process journey creation and mapping

  • Cost optimisation

  • Resource management

  • Change management

  • Procurement advice and support.

We can provide a clear assessment of each delivery option including the practicality, timescales, cost, comparative value for money and risk.

This includes producing reports, outlining strategies, identifying programs of work and associated project plans to achieve the required efficiencies and outcomes.

To find out more about Specialist Contact Centre Consultancy Services, please call us on 020 7735 0030 or email us

Framework News

The latest news regarding Contact Centre Services - RM3815:

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