We work as a thin prime contractor, enabling best of breed specialist partner suppliers to fulfil public sector projects.  We provide the commercial support and advice to help make the procurement process as simple as possible, enabling our partners to concentrate on their specialisms: planning, delivering and supporting customers’ requirements and meeting expectations.

Start date:  04-09-2018

Finish date:  03-09-2020 (option to extend by two years)

Web page: https://ccs-agreements.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/contracts/rm6008

RM6008 Framework Details

Since November 2017, Bramble Hub has been connecting consultants with public sector organisations through the Management Consultancy RM3745 framework for Finance, Audit, Education and Infrastructure contracts.

Management Consultancy Two RM6008 has now been awarded and we are now able to additionally supply under the following Lots:

Lot 1 Business consultancy services

Lot 2 Procurement, supply chain and commercial consultancy services

Lot 4 Strategic consultancy services

What services are covered by the current Lots?

Lot 1: Business consultancy services

Provision of objective Business Consultancy advice relating to strategy, structure, management or operations of an organisation, in pursuit of its purposes and objectives. Such advice will be provided outside the ‘business-as-usual’ environment when in-house skills are not available and will be time-limited.  Consultancy may include the identification of options with recommendations, assistance with or delivery of, the implementation of solutions.

Can include:

  • New service development

  • Options appraisal

  • Policy review

  • Project management

  • Risk & opportunity management

  • Risk and compliance

  • Sales & marketing

  • Sustainability

  • Value for Money reviews

  • Business case

  • Business consultancy

  • Business policy strategy

  • Business sourcing

  • Capability development

  • Change management

  • GDPR

  • HR

  • ICT

Lot 2:  Procurement, supply chain and commercial consultancy services

The provision of objective procurement advice including establishing procurement strategies. These may include advice and delivery of:

  • Complex commercial procurement transactions, strategic, operational and dedicated large scale deployments.

  • Procurement processes which may include but not limited to:

    • requests for information, pre-qualification questionnaires, invitation to tender, specification and drafting.

  • Transactional functional services which may include but not limited to:

    • purchase to pay, purchase orders, contract management, automation, digitalisation or administering work, structuring of commercial models, which may include but not limited to:

    • private finance initiative/public finance initiative/joint ventures/public private partnership and social economic partnerships.

Can include:

  • Risk/payment profiles

  • Sourcing strategy

  • Stakeholder management

  • Supplier performance management

  • Supplier relationship

  • Supply chain & logistics

  • Tender analysis

  • Transactional procurement

  • Category management

  • Commercials

  • Ecommerce

  • Financial advice

  • Market analysis

  • Outsourcing

  • Procurement methodologies

  • Procurement process

  • Risk mitigation

Lot 4: Strategic consultancy services

The provision of strategic objective advice including advice relating to corporate strategies, appraising business structures, Value for Money reviews, business performance measurement, management services, product or service design, and process and production management.

Services are likely to include providing high level strategic advice to permanent secretaries, ministers and other senior civil/public servants, they may result in: Proposals to Customers which are based on insights, intelligence and expertise, academic research, papers written and published.

Advice to support government direction or policies, as above based on knowledge and consultancy capabilities introduction of best practice and market leading advice to government. Diagnostic and analytical support for public sector leadership / management. Assignments to develop and or enhance business strategy in support of delivery of business goals.

Can include:

  • Environmental strategy & policy

  • Joint ventures

  • Market studies & analysis

  • Mergers, acquisitions & disposals

  • Regulatory advice

  • Skills analysis

  • Strategic advice

  • Sustainability

  • Appraising business structures

  • Benefit studies

  • Business case

  • Business intelligence

  • Business process reengineering

  • Change management

  • Competition policy

  • Data and analytics

For more information about the Management Consultancy Two framework please call us on 020 7735 0030 or email us.

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