We work as a thin prime contractor, enabling best of breed specialist partner suppliers to fulfil public sector projects. We provide the commercial support and advice to help make the procurement process as simple as possible, enabling our partners to concentrate on their specialisms: planning, delivering and supporting customers’ requirements and meeting expectations.

RM1502 Framework Details

Start date 16-05-2013

Finish date 16-12-2017

(Please note that ConsultancyONE RM1502 has now expired)

Web page: http://ccs-agreements.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/contracts/rm1502

What is the framework for?

ConsultancyONE provides strategic, broad based advice across a wide range of disciplines and functions to support, guide and provide innovative solutions to public sector customers.

Here's where we can help

Bramble Hub can supply on all the following Lots on this framework:

  • Lot 2.1 Policy Development and Advice

  • Lot 3.1 Change Management and PPM

  • Lot 3.4 Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Lot 2.1 Policy Development and Advice

Bramble Hub supplies multiple lots of the ConsultancyONE framework from the Crown Commercial Services (CCS). We offer services relating to the development of policy across government and the UK public sector.

Our team provides consultancy advice on the development of high-level business policies and strategies and collaborates with board members and senior management to analyse their business issues.

We cover all aspects of policy development and advice, including:

  • Evaluating organisational aims and formulating appropriate strategies and business cases

  • Addressing internal and external services and identifying opportunities and initiatives

  • Appraising efficiencies in functional areas and conducting value-for-money reviews

We have extensive experience working within the ConsultancyONE framework which includes:

  • Supporting procurement policies and pricing mechanisms for a Central Government Department, monitoring and benchmarking supplier productivity and reviewing value for money plus identifying productivity gains

  • Benefits analysis to improve management of information processes for an Arm's Length Agency

  • Creating strategy for an international company as part of its governance policy to manage and govern IT programmes, operations and support partners

Lot 3.1 Change Management and PPM

For Lot 3.1 Change management and PPM, we work closely with our partners to provide services in change management, in programme and project management (PPM), transformation and/or transition programmes and projects across government and the UK public sector.

This also includes:

  • Analysis, facilitating workshops and planning

  • Full project and risk management

  • Application of best practice tools and techniques

  • Skills and knowledge transfer

We have worked closely with our partners to secure projects which have included:

  • Managing integration of two divisions of diverse stakeholders into a single management structure, with shared branch network and centralized back office functions

  • Change programme focused on creating and managing the transition to a comprehensive and financially sustainable solution using Lean IT techniques and methods

  • Managing consolidation of fourteen data centres to two, restructuring IT organisation from five teams to one, rationalizing IT suppliers, equipment and architecture.

Lot 3.4 Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Our team provides ICT know-how for the development of solutions that deliver business improvement and feasibility to the technical expertise to support ongoing ICT projects for Lot 3.4 Information and Communications Technology. Our services include:

  • Development of strategic brief, option formulation and viability studies

  • Full technical, commercial and operation analysis resulting in recommendations and requirements specification

  • Ongoing, specialist ICT expertise throughout the entire programme and project lifecycle.

Our experience for this framework includes:

  • Viability, design, build, operate and support of subsidy payments system and on-going advice on implications of EU directives for a Central Government Department

  • Cost/benefit analysis, application design, technical configuration, development, implementation and training for a Local Authority

  • Technical and business analysis, development of IT strategy, design and manage IT rationalization, creation of benefits realization model for a major finance company.


For more information about the ConsultancyONE framework please call us on 020 7735 0030 or email us

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