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Amir Hashmi - "We have a lot of competition but we still focus on being the best."

Job Title: Managing Director

Company: zsah Technology Group


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Bramble Technology Interchange September 2015

zsah provides managed technology services. We have two main parts of the business, managed cloud hosting and developing software, including apps, mobile apps and web apps. The biggest part of the business is cloud hosting. It is quite rare to be a software developer and host but it works because of my technical background and passion to do things the best. We have integrated the two and do both really well, continually keeping up to date and innovating in business and technological developments.

We are a true hosting company. We own everything which means when there are issues, we don't have to go through a third party, we solve them. We have rigid service level agreements in place and we stick to them. Our clients know who is responsible for what. We understand that what we do is fundamental to their operations and revenues, and that they need us to be available 24/7. The speed at which we operate is key and as a small company we can be agile and quick.

I founded the company in 2002 and am a techie by education. I have worked for big corporates and startups and ended up setting up zsah because I saw so many companies doing technology and strategy wrong. I wanted to start something up and be the best at it. We have a lot of competition but we still focus on being the best. I think if you do something you should do it properly.

I like to come up with new stuff – not just follow, I guess we see ourselves as pioneers.

We have a range of clients from software system integrators and channel partners to Universities and the NHS.

It was really good to meet other partners at the Bramble Technology Interchange event and to find out about their services and meet their people. I liked it that people asked questions both during the demonstration and afterwards during lunch. It was good to talk to other people about opportunities, and the networking felt really unpretentious.

For us it was really good to be able to show people what we do.Hopefully people left understanding a bit more around data security and the importance of storing data on UK based cloud hosting services.

The piece of business advice I would pass on to an SME is that the leaders of the organisation have to be willing and able to delegate and not to hoard their responsibilities. The biggest issue most SMEs will face is time if you don't delegate effectively you will stifle growth.

Also – make the time to set a clear and defined strategy. Know how you are going to grow but don't be a slave to your strategy. Continuous review is vital.

In terms of the best advice I have had, I think it was to run a small business with some of the structures and processes that are usually applied to larger businesses. Do your modelling and introduce procedures to help give you foresight into how your business is performing.

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