Michael Larner - "I think the advice to 'Listen more than talk' is one of the most important things I have learnt"

Job Title/ role responsibilities: Principal Analyst

Company: TechMarketView

Website: http://www.techmarketview.com/

Find out more about Michael Larner athttps://uk.linkedin.com/pub/michael-larner/5/4bb/613

Event Bramble Partner Technology Interchange event September 2015

What does your organisation do?

TechMarketView analyses the market landscape for software and IT services in the UK. We produce key principal reports around market trends, forecasts and supplier landscapes. We also produce 'UK Hot View' where we write about, comment and give our thoughts and opinions on the latest software and tech news trends.

Why is it important?

I like to think that our expert opinion, thoughts and analysis provides organisations, from start-ups through to large corporates, with information and advice that can shape their thinking and effect their planning. As an independent publisher we are able to give real and considered opinions that can help people make the right decisions.

What does your organisation do better than any other?

In gathering our information we speak to as many people as possible in senior management roles. Our contacts are in large corporates, local and national government and SMEs. Because we are independent and have been around for a long time people tend to be happy to give us their insights and opinions anonymously.

How did you get into the role you are currently in?

Since University I have worked as a research analyst in consumer markets and then over time moved into doing research projects and market forecasting in a range of sectors. Now i specialise in local government and the public sector.

Who are your clients?

We have 3 types of clients;

  • Suppliers to the public sector

  • The public sector

  • Companies of all sizes trying to win business from the public sector

Each of our clients value that we can provide market analysis and trend insights that are not available anywhere else and that can help identify opportunities and threats relevant to their own businesses/organisation.

What value do you think events like the Bramble Partner Technology give to attendees and to presenters?

This was the first Bramble Hub Partner Technology Interchange event that I have attended. I really liked that people were not rocking up with their usual slides but were instead showing what their software actually does. It gave me a real appreciation of their proposition and their marketplace. It was a great opportunity for companies to focus on what you actually need rather than getting bogged down in their usual sales messaging. One of my interests in analytics is seeing theory being put into a real life context and this is what the presentations delivered.

As a speaker I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to have 1 to 1 conversations with all of the delegates over lunch - it was good to find out how life is for them.

I hope that the audience were interested in what I said and took away some thoughts that improved the way they do business.

Following on from your presentation what action would you like the attendees to do/take?

There are 3 things that I would like people to do/think

  • To register to receive UK Hot Views, our free daily news and comments emailhttp://www.techmarketview.com/ukhotviews/

  • -To see Techmarketview as a forward looking organisation with its finger on the pulse

  • To take a look at our 'Little British Battler Programme' an opportunity for small tech firms to get some 'candid, expert feedback on their company and their proposition' . Find out more athttp://www.techmarketview.com/lbb/

Based on your business experiences, what is the one thing that you would like to pass on to other aspiring/growing SMEs?

Keep asking questions of your customers and potential customers, keep an enquiring mind.

Can you remember a bit of business advice that really resonated with you and or changed the way you did things?

I think the advice to 'Listen more than talk' is one of the most important things I have learnt and something I always try to do in every situation.