Dorset County Council chooses committee decisions management system from Bramble Hub and Modern Mindset for paperless committee meetings.

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Dorset County Council (DCC), based in Dorchester was using Lotus Notes, EDRMS, email, file sync and sharing to store, retrieve and make committee documents available to the 45 elected councillors, Council officers and the public.

The Requirement

DCC wished to move to an online system to transform and modernise their democracy services to members and officers and the public. In September 2015 they issued a tender on Crown Commercial Service's Local Authority Software Application framework,RM 1059.

Our Success

DCC decided that Modern Mindset's committee decisions management system met their needs and awarded the contract to Bramble Hub and Modern Mindset. The system will enable DCC to fully automate and streamline their management of meetings, agendas, decisions sheets, minutes etc. and supports the use of secure mobile apps to facilitate paperless meetings and decision capture. The contract was signed on 3rd February 2016.

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