Bristol City Council (BCC) is a unitary council responsible for provision of local services to the 430,000 residents of the city.

The Requirement

BCC needed a new IT system to improve public access to the democratic decision-making process and to create an audit trail of decision-making pathways through an IT solution. The IT solution would facilitate access, involvement, and understanding of democratic processes, for the mayor, councillors, officers and the public, and would include committee meeting agendas, reports, decisions and minutes. BCC used the G-Cloud framework to identify potential suppliers and required them to demonstrate their solutions in January 2016.

Our Success

Bramble Hub with their partner Modern Mindset were successful in being selected to provide, host and support Modern Mindset's Committee Management System. The call-off contract was issued in March 2016 for the application to be set up and tested and staff trained for 'go live' in May 2016.

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