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Data Eliminate

Data Eliminate Ltd provide: secure destruction of sensitive data on Electronic Assets either on-site at the customer's premises or off-site at our facility.

DEF Software

DEF is a software house delivering products into Planning (Development Control), Building Control, Land Charges, Highways, Environment, Legal and Licensing.


Delphimatics is a bespoke software development company that works closely alongside its customers to produce unique solutions that exactly meet their specific, varied needs

Democracy Counts

Democracy Counts develops software to support the electoral processes. 

Diverse Consulting Group

We work in partnership with customers to support digital transformation with enterprise-class platforms and technology experts. From simple software engineer short term contracts through to outsourcing architecture, design and DevOps - enabling rapid deployment and innovation

DMW Group

DMW is a world-class IT delivery organisation with a 27 year heritage.  We work client-side leading complex IT programmes with particular skills in cloud services and major application development.