Location based software systems to manage spatially distributed assets and related operational services, ISL provides Trafficworx and RouteSmart-for-ArcGIS to the UK public sector.

Trafficworx is a software solution for planning and co-ordinating road (street) works used by highways authorities to inform, consult and manage road work related activity with stakeholders (utility companies, contractors, emergency services, bus operators, NHS transport services, etc.). The solution is delivered as a web service that links the Highways Authority with all contractors that may have reason to undertake road excavations and / or closures as well as those stakeholders that need to know which roads are closed or are likely to be congested due to road works.

RouteSmart-for-ArcGIS meets the optimisation and route planning needs of organisations (local authorities and their contractors) that manage residential and commercial recycling, residual waste, food, bulky and related collections; winter maintenance (street gritting & snow ploughing); street cleansing; social care transportation; street lighting surveys & inspections; and other municipal services. RouteSmart integrates with ESRI's suite of products, as well as MapInfo.”

Core skills:

  • GIS (Geographic Information System)

  • Route optimisation

  • Location based software solutions

  • GIS based in-cab navigation

  • Software development

  • Software implementation

  • Software support

  • Cloud based solutions

  • APIs

  • SmartPhone App development

  • System interface development

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