The following videos were taken at the Bramble Hub Partner Technology Interchange event held in the Lounge at Grant Thornton in London, April 2018.



Setting The Scene - Jessica Figueras from Global Data

There is a lot going on in the political and economic spheres that will affect our sector in the coming months and Jessica also has some interesting new research on automation to share.



Make your applications spatial – Gary Randle and Christopher Stanley from Cadcorp

As more people use digital maps and spatial queries within consumer applications, expectations have increased for spatial integration within business systems.

In a technical demonstration, Cadcorp introduce options for adding web mapping services and GIS API's into your applications. With a wider choice of open map data available, including Ordnance Survey OpenData and OpenStreetMap, it's never been easier to make your applications spatial.



Demonstration of 3D Simulation and Visualisation Solutions - David Turner from Agility3

Agility3 are simulation and visualisation experts, providing top quality bespoke interactive 3D applications and environments.

David Turner present's examples of how Agility3’s technology has helps achieve demanding training objectives, has enabled innovative research and supports infrastructure development; informing decision makers, engineers and designers. Case studies will include Agility3 Virtual Maintenance Trainer technology and VirtuRail, an interactive 3D visualisation application developed for TfL.



Demonstration of federated identity management – Frank Joshi from Mvine

Frank Joshi share's how federated identity management is not only possible but also needed by Central and Local Government.

The presentation focuses on a demonstration of a working digital identity exchange. Frank will present a use case for the Etive OIX Alpha project for two London Boroughs, Tower Hamlets and Camden, which currently spends over £2M just on identification of citizens claiming housing benefits. Learn how and why Digital identity is a game changer.



Supply Chain Insights Tool - Stephen Peacock & Rob Turner from Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton demonstrate their new Supply Chain Insights platform that provides competitive intelligence on Local Government, NHS, Central Government and Emergency Services’ spend. It holds analyses and segments the invoice data disclosed by over 350 public sector organisations, to provide real time insight based on paid invoices.

This information is presented through an intuitive user interface and suite of visualisation tools to provide business intelligence and inform marketing, customer and operational strategy.


Demonstration of the National SiIRA fraud prevention and detection database - Ozman Khurshid & James Brown from Synectics Solutions

SIRA is a comprehensive fraud prevention and detection solution that brings together a multitude of machine learning algorithms and comprehensive workflow management to put real control into the hands of front line investigation teams.

By integrating additional data sets such as ID verification services, PEPs and Sanctions data as well as renowned services such as Cifas and CRIF, you can increase the level of sophistication in the fraud screening processes you deliver, to enable clients to identify more potential risks.