November 2016 - Winter Partner Networking event at the Library at the Royal Institution, London

Bramble Hub Partners joined us for our Autumn/Winter networking event on 24 November 2016. The venue provided a beautiful setting and partners met, shared experiences and made contacts in a relaxed environment.

Over 90% of attendees who filled out our feedback form said they made useful contacts at the event

We had great feedback from the attendees: 

‘Well done Bramble Hub for organising the partner gathering and giving us all the opportunity to network with people who - like us - are always trying to find new routes to market and new customers.’

‘I enjoyed the event and had some good discussions around frameworks. I didn't arrive until 7.00, on the way home, but it was well worth the hour and a half I spent there.’

‘Great location and overall engagement provided opportunity to explore possibilities’‘Attending the Bramble Hub Partner Networking Events was a real revelation, it showed me that they now have a really extensive and impressive array of like minded business, with a myriad of skills and services, all critical for supporting the UK Public Sector face the challenges of the coming years!’

We’d like to thank all the partners who were able to attend the event and look forward to meeting you all again soon.