Stuart Mackintosh - "We build it because it is the right thing , not in case it is the right thing."

Name: Stuart Mackintosh

Job Title: Owner and Founder

Company: OpusVL


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I set up OpusVL in 1999 with the purpose of implementing professional open source solutions. My background is in electronics, and I was an Amstrad repairer back in the day. The thing about hardware is that when it’s done, it’s done.  I would make a change and when I returned to it, it was how I left it. As I moved into software, often Microsoft 95 or NT, I found it didn’t keep its promises or necessarily continue to do what you left it doing. Eventually I was introduced to Linux and it reacted in the way I expected and wanted it to. I found that non-proprietary or open source software was far more likely to keep its promises. 

The great thing about Open source is that you could find a problem and solve it.

Our ethos

OpusVL is a process orientated company, we look at successful outcomes. We focus on the overall business need, starting with looking at why a client needs something and analysing what they want it to do. We look at the value and impact on the business and get a clear understanding of why it is important and what the success of the project will look like. We align their project goals with ours and work as partners, not just a supplier.

We build it because it is the right thing , not in case it is the right thing. 

Our team are engaged, switched on and they love what they do. We create an environment where they can enjoy what they do and have the freedom to contribute to the community. When we are recruiting, we look at the person not the qualifications. We look at how they fit into our world and how we can fit into theirs. 

Open Source is critical

Free open source software is already a critical supplier that business already rely on, often not realising it. VOIP, a smart TV, an internet router and most cloud applications all depend on open source software; the open source ecosystem is significant.

Being appointed Chairman of OpenUK- The UK Open Source industry association, I help build up the awareness and market around the opportunities that open source brings.  I have also worked with various government offices including the cabinet office, local governments and NHS around open technology subjects. We join people together to talk about what open source can do and explore uses and possibilities within the public sector.

Advice to other businesses

The business advice I would pass to others would be to be in charge of your day. Decide what is urgent and important. Invest in things, absorb what is going on around you and work out what you need to hear. 

The best piece of advice I have been given was about Picasso, he walked into a room and with a paint brush did a single stroke and that single stroke was worth thousands.  Picasso said that he spent all of his time learning how to do one thing, right.  The message here is don’t ever underestimate your experience and expertise!

We really enjoy the Bramble Hub Partner Technology Events, the rules of engagement are brilliant with all the right values the presentations are always informative delivered by real people. No-one tries to sell you stuff, they tell you what they do and why. It is a good opportunity to mix with peers and business.

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Established in 1999, OpusVL are multi-award winning implementers of Open Source business management software.