Name: Mark Dodd

Job Title: Head of Business

Company: Consolidata


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In a non technical sense Consolidata help businesses make better decisions using data. If a business has a data problem we could be the people to solve it!

We do it by joining up data in a sensible way,  giving  our clients an overview of all aspects of their business including financial, production, regulatory and risk. The techniques we use apply to all business types.

We use Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure,  a cloud platform that is secure robust and durable.

We save companies huge amounts of time and ensure that the data they are looking at is consistent, ‘One version of the truth’.

Once you have data you know is good you can start doing interesting things with it and a small but growing part of our business is data analytics. Using our ‘connected data’ analytics we have helped companies identify where products are being sold at below market value and to identify the sales agent who will be most effective with certain customers increasing retention. 

We have seen lots of interesting problems and have some interesting solutions.

Before setting up Consolidata Gordon (Gordon Meyer) and I were both working as IT consultants and had worked together a number of times. We believed there was a market for a mid-range consultancy, one that could do a better job than a single person could but would not be as expensive as one of the large consultancies.

We have about a dozen staff and our team are really really clever people, using cutting edge technology and pushing it to its limits. Because we have worked across a range of different industries we are able to bring to bear ideas from other industries problems – solve issues you may think are unsolvable, often technically inspired solutions.

Gordon and I share a passion for wanting to do things to make a difference to the world we live in. We look for opportunities where we can use our skills in connecting data to help speed up research into community (or even global) health or environmental issues. We do what we can and we believe that if every business thought a bit more about the difference they could make – the world would be a much better place.

I started life as an electrical engineer and progressively became a computer scientist mostly by contracting with telecoms, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies. Gordon adds experience of working in banking and insurance to the mix.

The most high profile clients we are currently working with include; Duke of Edinburgh awards, Waterstones and Aspen Insurance

Gordon and I have attended Bramble Hub Partner events and have met some really interesting people and had good conversations. We are hoping to work with one contact we made on a project shortly.

For me one of the most important things I would pass on to anyone who is setting up or runs a small business is to work with people you trust and that you like to work with. Your work life is at least half your working life and you should make it as enjoyable as possible. I like having people I like and trust around me.

The most important advice I have been given is that as a business leader you should be mentored and be a mentor – to make yourself better and to make other people better too.

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Consolidata delivers cloud-centric BI and analytics. We are champions of data-driven business, experts in data consolidation and masters of data enrichment.”