Partner:   Zsah Technology Group 


LLW Repository Limited (LLWR) works with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to manage the Low Level Waste Repository in Cumbria and ensure that lower activity waste is managed effectively across the UK. 

The Requirement

LLWR Ltd had developed a mathematical modelling tool with an Excel spreadsheet front-end that allows users to forecast the amount of waste arising over time. They wanted users to be able to securely access the modelling tool, upload data files and download copies of the spreadsheet, using Internet Explorer 11 on their desktop. LLWR used the G-Cloud catalogue on government’s Digital Marketplace to identify a suitable hosting service provider who could meet the technical and security requirements. 

Our Success

Bramble Hub and Zsah Technology Group were able to meet these requirements and were selected to provide the hosting service. The secure access will be via LLWR’s Remote Desktop Gateway and SQL servers to ‘containerise’ the application so that there is no need for local intervention on user computers.