Vivek Desai "We have a team that is extremely passionate about our organization and the work that we do. It's all about the people"

Job Title: CEO and Founder

Company: Systems Plus


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I am one of the founders of Systems Plus. We set up the company in 2012, today we employ around 700+ people worldwide . We operate in the US, UK, Continental Europe and the Far East.

I moved to London in 1997 heading up Sonata Software's European operations. I have successfully spearheaded multiple portfolios within the organization and have enabled diversification in terms of industry verticals like finance, travel, FMCG. I was instrumental in establishing and successfully leading Sonata's European Operations.

At Systems Plus, our focus is technology. We call ourselves a 'boutique technology house' and provide software services in niche areas like Big Data, Data Analytics, bespoke development and Managed Testing & Automation. We are a multi technology company and can work across a range of platforms including, NoSQL, Data Analytics, Cloud, Mobile and Social networking. On the technology and domain front we do what much bigger company does but because we are still quite small we are able to pay a much greater attention to the details that makes difference to our client's business.

Our clients are private companies mainly in FMCG, Banks and Public Sector. Our clients often contact us because they have a specific business problem that they need help with. Often, the solutions we develop will sit at the heart of the technology that drives our client business – so it is really important that our solution works seamlessly with client technologies.

What we do really matters because it drives our clients' businesses and creates a better user experience resulting in more sales and better customer relationships. We constantly strive to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of the solution provided.

We are a people orientated company but very ambitious. Personally, my motto is to aspire, inspire and achieve against all odds, with transparency and integrity. I work hard at keeping up with the relationships I make along the way. Though we are a small business, we are very focused and try to provide the best services to our clients. When it comes to tendering for business, we win some, we lose some but provide solutions which we believe are in the best interest of our clients.

There are 2 bits of advice that I would like to pass on to other SMEs,

Firstly, make sure you have the right senior people in place. We are very thorough in our recruitment and I meet everyone we employ in the UK and key senior resources in India. We have a team that is extremely passionate about our organization and the work that we do. It's all about the people.

And secondly, this is actually advice my dad, who ran a successful textile business gave me - 'Manage the cashflow……. pay your rent, pay your salaries, pay bank interest'

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