"Stay focused, work out what you want to achieve, fine tune your model but keep on track."

Terry Jordon, Managing Director Deskcenter Solutions UK Ltd.

Paul King, Professional Services Technical Consultant and Terry Jordon, Managing Director

Company: DeskCenter Solutions UK Ltd

Website: http://www.deskcenter.com

Paul King's Linkedin profilehttps://uk.linkedin.com/in/paulking101

Terry Jordon's Linkedin profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/terry-jordan/b/257/bb5

Event: Bramble Hub Partner Technology Interchange – September 2015

DeskCenter is a software supplier, we supply IT Lifecycle Management Software. The software has 4 key modules to support in-house systems and processes;

  • Inventory Management

  • Software Asset Management

  • System Management

  • Licence Asset Management

The modules can all be used independently but the real power of DesckCenter is when all the modules work together.

Clients will often come to us with a specific business issue and use one of the modules but when they see how effective the system is they often extend to using other elements from the suite.

If companies have a large software enterprise infrastructure then they want to make sure they are getting value out of it. We can measure the effectiveness and equally we can check that it is not being abused. If a company does not have the right software licenses then they could be acting fraudulently. DeskCenter is particularly valuable at times of change in an organisation when it is really important to have a clear understanding of all assets. Once you know what you've got you can start to make informed decisions!

Paul – I have been in IT for over 20 years in a mix of highly technical and business process roles. DeskCenter as a technology is about how IT is used effectively within a business environment and it makes a real difference to the customer that we understand their business and IT requirements

Terry – I have a background in software businesses in the public sector, helping organisations get more efficient. I have worked with a number of German organisations. DeskCenter are based in Leipzig in Germany. I have always worked on the customer facing, sales and marketing side of the business. I understand business goals and apply technologies that can help resolve the issues. I take a business orientated approach.We complement each other with our technical and business expertise

We work with both the commercial and public sectors. We find working with the public sector challenging as change is constant and there are always demands to make savings and maintain service. We have to be aware of their challenges. No matter what happens they still have to run their services. We find smart ways to help them out.

We found the Bramble Partner Technology Interchange event to be really useful as it gave us the ability to showcase our capabilities and to get constructive input about how the product could be enhanced. It is good to have a short slot that is technically orientated. We enjoy talking to people about how they might be able to use our technology for their clients.

The advice I would give to any SME owner?

Paul - Be persistent, set clear goals and objectives and stick to them

Terry– Stay focused, work out what you want to achieve - fine tune your model but keep on track.

The Best advice I have ever been given?

Paul – Sleep on it – don't be too rash, take time to consider your approach.

Terry – Listen to what customers are saying – don't make presumptions or assumptions.