Crown Commercial Service and Government Digital Service have decided to extend G-Cloud 9 up to 21 May 2019 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 2 up to 27 January 2019.  The delay has been triggered by the desire to create a new digital platform.  This has shocked many SMEs who had hoped to add their services to these frameworks when they were re-competed in 2018. 

Bramble Hub has over 100 registered services on G-Cloud 9 and had been approached by partners to add even more.  Innovation doesn’t stop and more solutions for the public sector organisations have been created by niche SMEs over the last year and Bramble Hub still has a route to market for those left waiting through our other framework listings.   

To find out more information about the G-Cloud 9 Framework, please visit the G-Cloud Services - RM1557 framework page.

To find out more about the Digital Outcomes and Specialsts 2 Framework, please visit the Digital Outcomes and Specialsts 2 framework page.