Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority (DSFRA) based in Exeter, is governed by 24 elected councillors from the constituent local authorities. The full Authority usually meets seven times a year and also has five committees and one working party to assist it in discharging its various functions.

The Requirement

DSFRA needed to modernise the democratic services it provides to its councillors and the public. They used the government's G-Cloud catalogue to identify a suitable online system that would streamline their current processes and offer an improved service.

Our Success

DSFRA selected Bramble Hub and Modern Mindset's committee decisions management system in October 2015. The 2-year contract includes the Application Software, installation, templates, old data migration, commissioning, training, maintenance, support and upgrades. The system has now been implemented and is enabling DSFRA to fully automate and streamline their management of meetings, agendas, decisions sheets, minutes etc. and supports the use of secure mobile apps to facilitate paperless meetings and decision capture.

Find our more about the G Cloud Services Framework, see the RM1557 framework page.

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