Crown Commercial Service have recently started the procurement process for the new Management Consultancy framework agreement (RM3745) – but is not due to go live until the later part of 2017.  This is the replacement for ConsultancyOne framework (RM1502) which was due to close to new orders on 16 February 2017.  To ensure continuity of service for public sector organisations whilst the procurement is undertaken, ConsultancyOne has been extended by 10 months to now close on 15 December 2017.

Bramble Hub is on three Lots on the ConsultancyOne framework: 2.1 Policy Development and Advice; 3.1 Change Management and PPM; and 3.4 Information and Communications Technology.  We have been providing framework consultancy services with our partners across multiple public sector organisations for more than three years and now look forward to more opportunities that are only open to a select list of prime suppliers.