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APB will surface the hidden cost of lost productivity caused by stress in the work place. We show you the true cost of presenteeism in your workforce which is exposing you to employment and legal risk through a Heatmap which in turn identifies the areas to be prioritised.

CIL Management Consultants

CIL is a leading management consultancy for growth clients. We provide evidence-based advice to assist our clients to grow their business, manage risk and make better investment decisions.


Delphimatics is a bespoke software development company that works closely alongside its customers to produce unique solutions that exactly meet their specific, varied needs

Membership Engagement Services

MES is an engagement consultancy. We are specialists in the health sector and provide a variety of Software-as-a-Service engagement tools, including MES Declare, MES Empower, MES Engage and MES Experience and consultancy.


Savience are leaders in outpatient clinic management and self service healthcare, continuing to deliver huge return on investment to a wide range of sectors.

SDK Partners

SDK are a team of experts in the fields of organisational and people improvement / development, organisational effectiveness, financial sustainability and rapid change and delivery, with a key focus on the healthcare sector.

Teneo Consulting

Teneo Consulting is a boutique strategy consultancy operating in London, New York and Dubai. We are seen as the ‘go-to’ firm in our core markets, which include public and private healthcare, social care, transport, software and IT services and business and support services.