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Neil Bain "Often solutions lie not in a single product or service but in the partnerships that we can bring together."

Job Title: Managing Director

Company:  Libretti Health


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We met Roland and Jackie from Bramble Hub when we first set up the company and have worked with them co-bidding on a range of projects . We have attended most of their networking and Knowledge Interchange events. At the events we make new contacts, meet potential collaborators and gain valuable insight to market activity.

We are asked by our clients to advise on the use of information and IT in the Health and social care sector, including the NHS . Our experience was forged within the NHS; in clinical, operational and financial roles, across primary and secondary care, and across acute and mental health sectors.  This really helps us understand how information and IT support can improve the patient experience and clinical safety – which is our core focus.

When we set up the company we anticipated that our market was with small organisations helping them to secure IT contracts within the NHS but we have found the greater demand comes from larger international organisations; helping them to restructure their proposition/offer so it speaks to practical clinical benefit and the patient experience. 

We work both as an independent advisor to the NHS and to private companies who have products and services the NHS could benefit from. We help them understand each other. It’s often a matter of language. Our knowledge of the marketplace means we are able to put forward solutions that will solve a problem. Each project is part of a bigger story and understanding the whole story helps us ensure that the right solutions are put in place.

We translate between the clinically desirable and technically possible.

Often solutions lie not in a single product or service but in the partnerships that we can bring together.  For example, Libretti partner with Deskcentre to help NHS organisations obtain a firm and accurate position on their current hardware, software, licencing, and usage.  This forms the basis of the LibrettView™ service which informs a cohesive technology strategy which addresses the right problems to deliver clinical safety and patient experience goals.

We believe our focus on clinical safety and patient experience is key to making a real difference to the way organisations use their IT to add value to every aspect of their organisation. If less time is spent by a consultant organising complex care pathways,  then more time can be spent with patients; which improves clinical safety, gives patients a better experience and, as a byproduct of the former, will save money.

Lbretti Health was founded by our CEO John Dammam who bought the core team of five together . In addition to the core team we have a number of associates giving us a bigger and more flexible footprint.

I have three bits of advice I would pass on to other SMEs

-          think about the difference you can make, then shout about it

-          regardless of what you do, always keep in mind why you are doing it.

-          don’t go bust!

The most important bit of business advice I have been given is to never forget the power of the network. When we set up the company we knew that what we were proposing was doable and better than anything available at the time. We developed and leveraged networks that allowed us to provide the best possible service to our clients.

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