RM1058 Framework Details

Start Date: 27-05-2015

End Date: 27-11-2017


This agreement has been developed in collaboration with the Government Digital Service (GDS). It is an enabler for public sector organisations to take significant steps towards the “Digital by Default" agenda. Its primary purpose is to provide technology services to central government, local authorities and NHS trusts.

The agreement provides access to specialist suppliers who can provide the services under individual lots, as well as suppliers who can provide multiple services across a number of lots facilitated by means of a collaboration agreement.

You can place call-off contracts via a further competition by providing suppliers with the details of your requirement and each supplier will submit a priced solution against those requirements.

Small businesses have been encouraged to participate by disaggregating the services and offering them in separate lots.

The agreement is divided into 11 lots. However, only Lot 5 has been extended. Please see our news story on Technology Services Framework Lot 5 extension.

Lot Description:

Lot 5. Infrastructure and platform, maintenance and support:

Manage all library infrastructure hardware and software operations, including server and storage systems. Support production applications, whether open source, developed in-house, or third party.

Break-fix — Focused on servers and storage.

Platform support and maintenance is the management of hardware and software architecture in order to allow applications to operate.

Platforms can include one or several of the following hardware and/or software components: — hardware architecture; operating systems; programming languages and frameworks; runtime libraries; application servers; databases; other middle-ware products.


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